Lido, Italy

We ventured over to Lido by ferry. This thin strip of land protects Venice from the Adriatic Sea. It had the feel of a seaside town shut down for winter (largely because it was a seaside town shut down for winter). It’s a curious place, there’s a broad range of architectural styles from hotels that resemble the “The Grand Budapest Hotel” to residencies that would befit Kim Jong Il’s holiday home.



If you haven’t been… it’s exactly as you imagine it. Every street is a picture. Travelling the 8 miles from the mainland to Venice by boat took longer than the 1000 mile flight from the UK. Food and drink, as you would expect, are pricey.


The Wind Tunnel Project

Such an atmospheric place. The curators and organisers, Artliner, were very friendly and enthusiastic. The design and typography used to promote the show was beautifully executed.

I’m always amazed when art venues prohibit the use of photography (a medium which they are supposed to be encouraging). So I was relieved to hear that they welcomed the use of cameras (for personal use). It’s such a photogenic place.

The sound installations perfectly suited the space and to top the day off the Red Arrows popped in and posed for photographs. Sadly the show’s over now, but I believe that Artliner will revisit the site in 2016.

The Wind Tunnel