Singapore Zoo

Having left all the traveling research to Carol (my other-half), I arrived at Singapore Zoo with no preconceptions at all. Turns out it’s pretty special. For a start many of the animals appear to be roaming around uncaged.

Obviously the nasty critters like the crocodiles and Komodo dragons are kept at a safe distance from the visitors, but it’s all done so cleverly there appears to be little between you and the animals.

Steam Punk HQ

Oamaru, New Zealand, is a funny place. It seems to be willingly stuck in the Victorian era. Whiskey is sold by the barrel, men occasionally can be seen in bowler hats and a Penny Farthing can be found parked outside one of the beautiful old shops in it’s main street.

Steam Punk HQ, based in Oamaru, is no less quirky. It consists of two dark rooms in a dilapidated old building and a external yard. I fear that many will be disappointed having parted with $10 (NZ) per head, but the yard does make a great location for photos (sadly they won’t let you take photos in the dimly lit interior).